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Sunday in Quito

Sunday in Quito

Sunday in Quito

Each city has its own vibe. At some places, the vibe is different from season to season while in others from day-to-day. The Christmas market of Prague reminds us of hot wine, white snow and family time. A summer street of Stockholm makes you feel like a cup of coffee with a cinnamon bun on a moderate Scandinavian sun is a good idea. Quito doesn’t have summer and winter. However, the city indeed has a weekday’s and Sunday’s mood.

During the weekdays and Saturdays, the traffic in the Historical Center is usually heavy. You may have a hard time to breathe. Sunday is different. There are bicycles instead of cars. The road belongs fully to bicycles and a few public transport vehicles. On another hand, most of the vendors and local cafeterias closed.


Quito has a lot of places to have almuerzo or lunch. I found it peculiar that prices for grocery in a supermarket are a bit higher compare to East Europe, however, prices to eat lunch outside is nearly twice smaller. A standard local almuerzo costs from $1.75 to $2.50. It includes a bowl of soup, a plate of rice with salad, fried plantains, meat or eggs and a glass of juice or coffee. To find a vegetarian option sometimes you need to visit one or two places as a standard lunch is made with meat. A nice waiter may even refill your juice.


During Sunday there are way more locals on the street. The atmosphere is more relaxed. People go to church, and you can find more of street artists compare to weekdays. On weekdays the Historical Center accommodates wandering tourists while on Sundays those tourists are getting lost among locals who enjoy a day off. We invite you to visit Quito and experience different vibes of our wonderful city while spending time with Friends.


All the best,
Your friend Dima


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