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Quito Food – Friends

Quito Food – Friends

is a city full of culture and interesting traditions. One of the
most diverse and curious aspects of any culture is its gastronomy and Quito
It is an ideal option to talk about this topic. Next Friends Quito you
We will talk about some of the dishes that you can not miss if you are
visit in this beautiful city, and which you can taste when you stay
in Friends Quito:

This dish is one of the oldest in Ecuadorian culture, it is said that it comes from the
second coming of Christopher Columbus to America and has become one
of the most prominent of Ecuadorian culture.

The dish is made withe pork wich is marinated for three days and then cooked in a
wood-fired oven, it is accompanied with potato tortillas and "Agridulce" that
literally translates as bittersweet, this is a bittersweet vinaigrette made of
onion and tomato.

Empanada de viento
This delicious snack is perfect for breakfast, it is a dough made with cornmeal
stuffed with cheese and then fried. Its name translates “Empanada of wind”
and it is called that way because when it is fried it inflates and enlarges. This
is one of the most popular street foods in the city.

Locro de Papa
It is typical of the Ecuadorian Sierra and especially popular in the north of the
country and Quito, where it is also known as Quito’s Locro. It is a thick soup
made with potatoes served with cheese, avocado and chili sauce.

Cuy con papas
This dish is one of the most representative of the inter-Andean zone since it
comes from the Inca culture, centuries ago this dish was served in special
tributes and today it is still consumed at parties and special celebrations. It
consists of the “cuy” also known as guinea pig, roasted and accompanied
with stewed potatoes.

Despite not being a dish, it is also very important in Ecuadorian cuisine.The
“Canelazo” is an alcoholic beverage with a magical touch, it is drunk to
drown the cold and the curious thing about it is that each person who
prepares it believes they have the secret or the perfect recipe to make it. It
is served steaming and is made from orange juice,” panela”(some kind of
brown sugar), cinnamon and artisan brandy.

Higos con queso
It is said that this dessert is also prepared from the time of the colony, it has its
origin in a Spanish tradition, this candy was given to those who successfully
fulfilled the fast of the Easter Week. It is one of the most delicious desserts
for the contrast of the sweet syrup in which the figs are bathed, with the
salty of the cheese.

Similarly if you take any of our tours in Friends Expeditions you can
Enjoy some of these exquisite dishes.

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